Discussions & Scenario Building: Adaptive Climate Change Strategies for Morocco

The regional SEARCH project encourages discussions about climate change adaptive strategies and proposals on institutional measures, adaptation activities and funding opportunities localy, nationally and regionally.

Mr Lahcen in an interview with local TV

The Social, Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change (SEARCH) project, is a 3 year project working in the region with 13 partners to use and create climate change adaption tools that will increase the resilience of the local community.

In Morocco, the project is being implemented in the Oued el Kebir Watershed by the IUCN - MED , University Abdelmalek Essaadi / Tetouan and the Talassemtane Association of Environment & Development (ATED). The project to date, has conducted a baseline survey that helps distinguish all present social, agricultural and environmental conditions in the watershed. It has also and formost connected local communities with descion makers inorder to comeup with a shared watershed vision that calls for sustainable natural resource management by 2025.

A seminar conducted in November 2012 by project partners in Morocco has called for all local and national stakeholders to discuss and brainstrom through scenario building excersises, ways to reach that shared set vioson for the Oued el Kebir Watershed. The seminar recapped and revisited the project objectives and plans in Morocco, followed by the sharing of information and data from previous project activities in the demonstation areas. Data about area climate change vulnerability has allowed open discussions about the present set vision and encouraged scenario building.

The seminar ended by setting a new project activity plan that was later shared & modified by the National Steering Committee in Morocco.

For more information, kindly contact:

Lahcen Taiqui
Faculty of Sciences of Tetouan University


Marcos Valderrabano
IUCN - Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, Malaga, Spain


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