Dialogue Workshop on Knowledge for the 21st Century

10 - 13 April 2012
Usdub Community, Comarca Guna Yala, Panama

The international workshop is part of a longer dialogue process on connection between diverse knowledge systems, with participants representing a diversity of knowledge systems: indigenous peoples and local communities, scientists, policymakers as well as governments.

Resilience and Development programme (SwedBio) Photo: Stockholm Resilience Centre / Stockholm University

The Dialogue workshop is being organized by the Resilience and Development Programme (Swedbio) at Stockholm Resilience Centre in collaboration with the national programme on local and traditional knowledge concerning the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity (NAPTEK) at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre and the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity.

Supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Finnish Ministry of the Environment, IUCN, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the CBD Secretariat.

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