A dialogue on integrated water and wetlands management among six local authorities in Kang La Wa wetland, Khon Kaen province

 Sixty participants representing six tambon administrative organisations (TAOs) around Kang La Wa wetland gathered on 21–22 May 2012 to develop a collaborative plan for integrated water and wetland management to support various user groups and local livelihoods. The dialogue was supported by MWD Thailand.

Collaboration sign for IWWM dialogue Photo: (c) IUCN Thailand Tawatchai Rattanasorn_2012

The meeting reviewed the TAOs’ existing plans, resources and proposed budget allocations. Participants sought to identify pragmatic actions on the ground that will respond to the needs of local communities as well as improve ecosystem health and functioning in Kang La Wa.

MWD Thailand will continue its role of facilitating improved water governance through action learning to help the TAOs develop and implement an integrated water resource management plan, including joint decision making on water management and resource allocation.


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