Demonstration projects in Jordan (As part of the SEARCH project)

 The HSBC Bank in Jordan has committed to support local community water and energy initiatives designed by the SEARCH project. Consequently, HSBC funded a project in the Zarqa River Basin aiming to introduce environmentally friendly best practices that target the farming community of both Khirbet Al Hadead and Russaifeh. These sustainable approaches will help increase water and energy usage efficiency and therefore limit agriculture loss.

One of the only farms left in the area Photo: Lara Nassar

Farmers and their families, who continue to use traditional irrigation systems, suffer from water shortages, huge energy consumption for water heating and pumping. This project has targeted these farmers and raised the awareness and provided basic irrigation technologies and renewable energy devices to improve the local livelihoods and in return their local environment. Increased local capacity together with the introduction of local solutions will help residents adapt to climate change.

The HSBC project has contributed to:
- Installing 31 Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems for poor families in Russaifeh village and 19 in Khirbet al Hadid village.
- Installing 12 Drip irrigation systems for the Khirbet al Hadid village farmers.
- Promoting sustainable energy saving measures
- Initiating dialogue with the Zarqa municipality and other relevant stakeholders to improve the public services and environmental situation in the area
- In General, 33% of each families electricity bill was saved.

The implementation of the Energy and Environment management project ended in April ,2013 .
The objective of the project is to promote the use of renewable energy (Solar energy) in Heating Domestic water to reduce the fixed costs of life and violations of logging.

The project acheived the following activities ;
- Installed 31 Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems for 25 poor families in Russeifah community .
- Replaced the high energy consumption bulbs with energy-saving bulbs for 50 houses in the area .
- Promoted the use of energy-saving measures
- Initiated dialogue with Zarqa municipality and other relevant stakeholders to improve the public services and environmental situation in the area.

Following the results:

- An average of 20-25 JODs from monthly of family’s expenses (from power invoices) were decreased .
- The use of the solar water heating systems was promoted in the area by 20%.
- The risks and accidents due to the usage of fossil fuel and gas in heating the water were reduced by 100% for those who have installed these systems.
- Women concerns in having heated water all time was solved which resulted in giving them more time to participate in the development processes.
- Using energy saving measures such as energy-saving bulbs was promoted by 20%

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