Day 4: Ms. Margaret Otieno, CEO of IUCN Member Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

Margaret Otieno, CEO of IUCN Member Wildlife Clubs of Kenya shares her impressions on the last day of the Regional Conservation Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Ms. Margaret Otieno, CEO of IUCN Member Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

Having discussed IUCN’s draft global Programme, today’s deliberations were meaningful as Members were able to appreciate how the draft Regional Programme links with the global one for the next 4 years. Moreover, I was able to appreciate that the trends (demographical, governance, economic, livelihoods etc.) form the basis of the Regional Programme’s formulation.

My input in the discussions on the Regional Programme makes me feel part of IUCN’s Eastern and Southern Africa Programme plans and motivates me to begin strategizing on how my organization, the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK), can enhance linkages with the Region towards a stronger impact in the specified thematic areas; but more so, WCK’s programmes stand to benefit from the Regional Programme and network of Members because of the One Programme approach.

I feel confident that through the Regional Programme, we will have access to up-to-date knowledge and information and on top of that get the necessary guidance on the best approaches for the interventions that we, in Africa, are involved in.

This Forum has revealed that the definition of “food security” has the potential for controversy: the definition seems to be country/institutional specific, dependent on the diversity of the membership countries, organizational mandates, etc. Generally the discussions in the last 2 days have shown that food security is increasingly a critical issue as Africa continues to suffer from the impacts of climate change, yet despite this, very little attention is being given to the ecosystems within and those surrounding the food production areas.

These discussions, I believe, provide an excellent preparation for our participation at the 2012 World Conservation Congress. 

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