Day 4

Today is the last day here at the European Conservation Forum. Hans de Iongh is an IUCN Councillor for the European region.

Hans H de Iongh

“I have been at the Forum now for almost four days and it has been a great and encouraging experience. This experience was for me again a confirmation that IUCN is a unique Union with very dedicated Members who strive for a common mission: the conservation of nature worldwide.

The plenary sessions were very informative, lively and relevant and there was no reason at all for sleeping! The sense of humor of many speakers and excellent presentations kept me well awake throughout.

The discussion sessions in the breakout groups on the priorities of the IUCN European Programme were particularly lively with a large number of very relevant suggestions, new insights and visions expressed by the participants.

The only problem I faced was that we ended up with far too many recommendations for the European Programme. However the suggestions of IUCN Members will be useful to realise an ambitious Programme, also in view of the Aichi Targets.

I have met many fellow Councillors, Secretariat staff, Commission members, representatives of National Committees and European IUCN members in the corridors. I was especially happy to meet Members from Eastern Europe and by meeting them I have become more convinced of the need of the One European Programme and the need for partnerships with and support to Members in that part of Europe."

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