Day 3

Ignace Schops, Director of Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland, an IUCN Member, is our reporter today.

Portrait Photo: Ignace Schops

"Thursday, second day of IUCN European Conservation Forum. Getting started with a good cup of coffee!

I was lucky to be present at the last United Nations conference on biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan. For me, the two key words which came out of Nagoya were “integration into other sectors” and “implementation of policies”. So now, the European Forum is a good opportunity to see how this can become reality…

Overall I can say that there have been some really good discussions and I’m looking forward to the implementation of the recommendations made.

I’m especially happy to hear repeatedly the word “translation”. How to translate global and European policies and legislation into a language members and people understand! I love this, because – working locally – it’s vital to create awareness of nature. On the other hand, the horrible acronyms stay alive and kicking! TEEB, IPBES, … please stop it. We talk in riddles, only readable for a happy (?) few.

But I still have doubts on the action call which is the slogan of this event. I strongly believe in action, always march towards the sounds of gunfire … Ok, if action is meant to be indirect action, I can say there is a lot of material in the new Programme. But real action?

In my opinion, IUCN – as a global leading network – has the responsibility and the opportunity to switch to action, direct action! With strong strategic partners and members, certainly. Why not reconsider launching a new Countdown 2010 initiative – raised by many during these days – or make an appeal for planting a “world climate forest”….?

“A civilization flourishes when they plant trees under which they never will sit …” Yes, we can. Let’s make the difference!"

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