Day 2

Katalin Czippan, Regional Vice-chair for Europe for the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) reports on her participation in the European Conservation Forum.

Katalin Czippan

“The Regional Conservation Forum started yesterday with a special day allowing Commissions and National Committees to discuss the draft One Programme 2013-2016.

Today we started the session with the projection of the film “Love not Loss” produced by the IUCN CEC and other partners. The video shows how negative messages can cause resistance and ignorance. Positive messages about nature instead have the power to connect people and inspire them to take action. Defining what actions are needed, together with the people who are connected to the field, is a real challenge for the IUCN community.

At the heart of the discussion today there was the draft One Programme and its global aspects. Mobilising IUCN Members to action towards the shared goals, amplifying separate actions, and creating synergy at the global level are essential for the successful implementation of the IUCN Programme. The importance and necessity of engaging and mobilising the whole constituency of IUCN was highlighted several times in the plenary, together with the need for better communication.

In the sessions I had the opportunity to work, discuss and plan together with the other participants the following themes from a European perspective: Nature based solution to climate change, Managing ecosystems to improve food security, Greening the economy. The core programme areas were discussed separately: Valuing and conserving Biodiversity and Sharing nature’s benefits fairly and equitably to highlight their importance as these are the overarching priorities of the Programme.

Being part of these discussions made me proud and wanting to be more engaged in this highly committed community that is IUCN.”

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