Day 1

Hans Friederich, IUCN Regional Director for Europe, shares his impressions on the first day of the European Conservation Forum.

Hans Friederich Photo: IUCN

“The European Forum has started today. More than 170 participants from the large IUCN network will be here in Bonn until Friday to identify the priorities for biodiversity action in Europe.

This is my first Forum as Regional Director for Europe! It is an immense pleasure to see such a good turnout. Members, National Committees, our expert volunteers and the staff of the Secretariat: all together for a better future for Europe. I foresee very interesting discussions in the next few days.

This Forum is not just an opportunity to debate the future of biodiversity in Europe, but also to foster cooperation and reinforce existing relations among the different actors belonging to the IUCN family.

IUCN Europe already works closely with some of the expert Commissions, Members and National Committees, and we would like to expand this cooperation even further.

Today’s programme was dedicated to expert Commissions and National Committees. They held separate meetings where they discussed their role and action within the Union which serves as the foundation for more focused debates in the next few days.

Also, Flavia Pansieri from the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) gave some interesting perspectives of how the UN works with volunteer networks, in her speech today. There are clear parallels between this cooperation and the network of IUCN. Lots to learn from each other.

A very good first day of what promises to be an exciting Regional Forum! I really enjoyed the day!”

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