A database of Regional Protected Areas in Central European Russia

Founded more nearly a century ago, the existing Russian system of protected areas includes more than 15,000 reserved territories with different goals and protection mode. Zapovedniks (strict nature reserves) and national parks have federal status and play the key role in preservation of unique natural complexes, specific evolutionary and ecologic processes, but regional protected areas are of no less importance for the conservation of biodiversity.

Interactive map of Protected Areas of the Leningrad Region

Unfortunately, there is no system with up-to-date information on the development of regional protected areas in Russia. This project aims to create databases on protected areas and species status in Central European Russia, including geoinformational data. These databases will allow Russian and international specialists (representatives of regional authorities responsible for nature management and planning of economic activities, protected areas managers and scientists) to get information needed for decision making process and experience exchange. The project will contribute to a solid information base for the development of ecological networks in Central Europe and initiate the creation of similar databases in other regions of Russia.


  • Revised and updated list of regional protected areas for Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions;
  • Analysed status of species and ecosystems within Vladimir and Yaroslavl, with particular attention to the role of regional protected areas;
  • Review on the regional development policies and activities to identify possible interaction with the decision support tools developed;
  • 4 seminars with local nature conservation authorities, experts from other regions (with existing database structures) and local stakeholders to identify needs for decision support tools organized;
  • GIS tools and database on Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions protected areas designed, filled in and available at special web-site;
  • Guidance manual concerning the use of the database developed in English and Russian and disseminated among key stakeholders;
  • 6 Training seminars with local authorities, protected areas managers and key local stakeholders are organized to provide information on decision support tools (database, website, GIS tools, guidance) use;
  • Communications materials including summary reports, maps and brochures are developed and disseminated widely both locally and nationally;
  • Draft legal acts on the creation of a representative system of regional PAs and improvement of PA management a re developed and submitted to legislative bodies of the regions;
  • Guidance to local authorities concerning sustainable regional development in relation to the network of protected areas is provided. Drafts of sustainable regional socio-economic development programmes are elaborated.

Partners: Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (BBI-Matra)
Timeline: September 2007 – September 2009
Contact person: Vladimir Moshkalo

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