Culture & Conservation Priorities

The Theme on Culture and Conservation is in the process of forming new Working Groups. Trisha Kehaulani Watson from Hawai'I has agreed to lead a working group on WCC Resolution 5.115 "Strengthening biocultural diversity and traditional ecological knowledge in the Asia-Pacific Island region".


Another working group will focus on the relationship between culture and conservation and World Heritage and will be led by Professor Ian Lilley. Other suggested working groups themes are respectively: The Culture of Conservation and Maintenance & Promotion of Cultural Expressions and Conservation.

As well, TCC is contributingto the new IUCN 'knowledge basket', the Human Dependency on Nature Framework. TCC is still in the early stages of forming these Working Groups and would welcome expressions of interest to people willing to contribute. In the case of WCCRes115 - the work is regionally specific, but the other WGs are of relevance to a a broader audience.

If you are interested in contributing to any of these working Groups please send a message to Attention: TCC Co-Chairs

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