Cross-Commission survey adds youth perspective to draft IUCN Programme

The Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability presents the results of a survey on the draft IUCN Programme, including recommendations on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership.

Gaviotas, Peru

When some younger CEC members took a close look at the draft IUCN Programme for 2013-2016, they noticed that young people were largely absent. To fill this gap, a group of young professionals associated with the IUCN Commissions developed a survey that garnered responses from 257 participants from all regions and across the six IUCN Commissions.

The Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability (a cross-Commission group), is pleased to present this contribution to the current policy dialogue on the draft IUCN Programme. A summary of recommendations for each core and thematic area of the IUCN Programme is available in the survey report >>

Respondents, who varied in age from their 20s to 80s, called for examples of successful initiatives, tools and targets, as well as a role for strategic communication. They also called for references to justice, equity, indigenous peoples, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation, among many other suggestions.

Regarding youth, the synthesis report describes the following role: “The role of youth and intergenerational partnership should be recognized as essential for achieving IUCN’s core programme areas of valuing and conserving biodiversity, and sharing nature’s benefits fairly and equitably yet these are largely absent from the draft IUCN Programme. Youth have a great deal to offer in terms of understanding local contexts, transmitting innovative ideas through creative communication, familiarity with the most recent literature in the field, and contributing to policy development. The Programme should serve as a platform for youth engagement within and through the IUCN.”

For more information about the activities of the newly-formed Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability and each Commission's young professionals group, please visit:

The survey organizers with to thank all survey participants for offering their insightful inputs across the core and thematic programme areas, to Commission Chairs for their support in disseminating the survey and this report, and to all contributors and editors.

Editors and contributors:
Catie Burlando (CEESP), Alvin Chandra (CEC & CEM), Sarah Darymple (CEC & SSC), Lisa Marika Jokivirta (CEC), Bruno Monteferri (CEL), Grace Mwaura (CEC and Council), and Dominic Stucker (CEC)

With input and support from: Rod Abson (CEC), Frits Hesselink (CEC), Svetlana Kopylova (WCPA), Rebecca Koss (WCPA), and Anya Zavadskaya (WCPA)

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