Cross-border eco-trail

The Municipality of Tran (Bulgaria), the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad (Serbia) and the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, an IUCN Member, joined forces for the River Jerma Gorge to create a tourist eco-trail and Park for recreation and entertainment. The project aims to contribute to the economic development of this cross-border region through the development of sustainable tourism and tourist attractions.  

Jerma Special Nature Reserve Photo: INCS Archive

Some of the specific project goals that the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia will be working on throughout the project are:

  • Biodiversity and hydrobiological research of the future eco-trail area;
  • Data gathering on natural and cultural values of the area that will serve for creation of eco-trail development platform;
  • Flora and fauna exploration;
  • Creation of geoheritage objects and heritage inventory, including their location and description;
  • Hydrobiological research of the Jerma River which will consist of description of aquatic habitats and fish fauna, physical and chemical water quality analysis etc.

Planned activities also include defining the best eco-trail route and accompanying facilities made from natural materials from the area.

The project “Constructing of a Recreation park, a Tourist Information Center, renovation of an existing eco-trail route, information infrastructure that will serve the needs of the Tourist Information Center” is implemented within the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession) Cross-Border Programme. All its results will be published in the monograph “Natural and Cultural Values of Special Nature Reserve Jerma“ and available on the Institute’s website.

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