Countdown to COP19: Rivers Uniting Borders/Ríos Que Unen Fronteras [video]

In our 'Countdown to COP19', we take a look back at videos that offer solutions to climate change challenges. The documentary 'Rivers Uniting Borders/Rios Que Unen Fronteras' is one of them.

Sixoala watershed workshop

This video highlights how water cooperation across international borders helps people come together to solve environmental challenges, link local knowledge to national action, and empower communities with knowledge and know-how.

As Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary stated during her recent speech at Chatham House in London,  "The Warsaw COP needs to change the narrative that we have created over time. We need to leave Warsaw with a dominant narrative of constructive engagement on climate action. That is why the secretariat is using Warsaw as a platform to showcase action that is already occurring".

And action is happening. Through the IUCN BRIDGE project, grassroots communities, women groups, champions networks, and others, are getting together to cooperate and coordinate work in order to tackle deforestation, pollution, floods and droughts in their river basins, linking the work to regional institutions and higher levels in government and at transboundary level. Together strong collaborations are formed to fix issues on the ground now, as well as be better prepared for risk and changes in the future.

Available on YouTube:

Video duration: 11'05. Filmed in Mesoamerica - 2013. Production ©IUCNLa Pecera. Language: Spanish, English subtitles. Concept and Script: Rocio Cordoba, Nazareth Porras, Ernesto Jara.

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