Countdown to COP19: Building resilience in times of change [video]

In less than a month, it is that time of the year again for the annual UN Climate Change conference. In the lead up to this international event, IUCN Water will promote a selection of videos on what climate change can mean in the field, and what is being done about it in rural communities across the globe.

Viewing back community film clips, Mogoth village, Uganda

As Minister Marcin Korolec, President-designate of the Climate Change conference in Warsaw, Poland (UNFCCC COP19) said in his opening statement: "We need to be prepared for nine billion people on this planet, as we all deserve a decent and secure life [...] Where there is a will, there is a way!"

As this IUCN video 'Building resilience in times of change' shows, there is indeed a will, and a way, to become for example more resilient to climate change impacts by reducing the risk to drought and other disasters such as flooding.

In the video, communities and project partners talk about the different challenges and solutions to improve resilience of dryland communities in Northern Uganda, a region prone to water scarcity and drought crop failure, and consequently famine and conflict. By opting for nature-based solutions and adaptive capacity approaches such as diversification of livelihoods, improving natural and engineered water infrastructure, and strengthening governance through capacity building, the IUCN project aims to reduce communities’ vulnerability to climate change, drought and changing water flows.

Video available on YouTube:

Video duration: 5'15. Filmed in Karamojo, Uganda - December 2011. Production ©IUCNClaire Warmenbol. Narration: Daniel Shaw.




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