Countdown 2010 - the best thing that can happen to biodiversity

The readers and the executive board of the Spanish Magazine REDLife chose Countdown 2010 among the ten best initiatives to save biodiversity and conserve nature. Countdown 2010 was included for its ability to mobilize resources to meet the 2010 biodiversity target, for its communication efforts and its continuous engagement to promote action at all levels.

Las diez mejores ideas para salvar la naturaleza

The Director of the REDLife magazine José Montero Fuentes-Guerras, the President of the Foundation Caja Rural del Sur, José Luis García Palacios and the Councillor for Environment of the Junta de Andalucia, Cinta Castillo Jiménez, awarded the prize to Elisa Calcaterra, Countdown 2010's Project Manager, in Sevilla. The prize, a bronze statue representing the Torillo Andaluz, a local bird believed to be extinct, intends to promote the chosen projects as best practices and give them visibility in order to inspire others to follow in the path of the winners.

Other good ideas to save biodiversity include:

  • Project Balsas vivas to restore healthy wetlands in the province of Jaén and ensure the breeding of endangered species (Junta de Andalucia)
  • Exhibition Guadiamar, Science, Technology and Restoration, the biggest Spanish exhibition on toxic waste pollution. The exhibition, hosted by the Biological station of Doñana, was organized with the contribution of children, citizens, artists and scientists, in memory of the mining accident which led to toxic waste of the river Guadiamar.
  • Project Sustainable wetlands for an agriculture that contributes to nature conservation which sees the engagement of farmers to preserve the wetlands of Doñana in order to protect the migratory routes of many birds (AsajA Sevilla)
  • Study Climate Change in the Mediterranean, which has contributed to understand the impact of climate change in the Mediterranean thanks to the monitoring of physical, chemical and biological variables (Instituto Español de Oceanografia)
  • Project Convergence Rural world-Nature, which promotes the importance of wildlife and the rural world for the conservation on nature upon which everyone is dependent, including the urban world (Foundation Rodriguez de la Fuente).
  • Project Solar park for the production of sustainable energy, for the creation of a solar park which will produce energy to run a number of awareness raising initiatives on the importance of protecting nature (Fundacion Doñana 21).
  • Campaign Caring for nature is part of our culture, which is a campaign launched to raise awareness on the importance of protecting nature thorugh the protection biodiversity, sustainable consumption of energy and water and the restoration of Spanish woodland (WWF and FNAC)
  • Project Bioclimatic housing in Jun, a development of a housing complex which takes into consideration all sustainabilities concerns (Iberdrola Inmobiliaria)
  • Study SEBI2010 for the development of 26 indicators which will contribute to evaluate the impact of environmental policies adopted by the EU Member States (European Environment Agency).

The ceremony was attended by approximately 100 participants and kindly sponsored by the Foundation Caja Rural del Sur.


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