Copenhagen Day 8 - Time to agree

On the first day of week 2 of the climate negotiations, IUCN's Deputy Director Bill Jackson expresses hope that the solutions to climate change will be as forceful as the problems.

Dr William (Bill) Jackson Photo: IUCN

At a side event yesterday, participants used electronic voting machines to engage in a mini referendum. I wonder if we would get a different outcome at COP 15 if everyone had one of these machines and could vote on what we do about climate change. A whimsical dream perhaps, but a dream that raises the question: why it is we can easily agree on the problem, but get completely tangled up in finding a solution to climate change?

Sitting in the vast plenary hall of the Copenhagen Bella Centre I listen to countries express divergent views I am left hoping that as Ministers and heads of State arrive here the pressure to reach an agreement will mount and common sense will prevail.

Back at the IUCN stand there are always lots of friendly faces and interested IUCN Members dropping by and sharing views. I am impressed with the professionalism of the IUCN team and their ability to run side events, participate in press conferences and follow the negotiations. We are pleased that there has been good progress on REDD+ and Ecosystem-based Adaptation, and we now hope that negotiators show the same enthusiasm to reach an overall agreement.

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