Copenhagen Day 5 - Women agents of change

IUCN's Senior Gender Adviser, Lorena Aguilar, explains the importance of women as actors in the climate debate.

Rural women

After many years of silence and omission of the importance of women and gender equality in the climate change debates, we are seeing for the first time a real possibility of having gender considerations in the negotiation process.

This is not due to a magical formula. Women from all around the world have been developing an advocacy strategy for the past two years. You can see them talking to the Parties, being part of the delegations, performing street theater, among many other ways to convince the decision-makers that gender counts.

We will not lost the hope, the spirit and the energy from the women in Africa that walk eight hours to bring water, the force of the women in Latin America that grow their food during extreme droughts and the fear of the women in flooded areas in Asia are with us, reminding us that we carry this fight for them.

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