Copenhagen Day 2: life at IUCN's booth

The man behind all the logistics for IUCN's delegation, from telephones to documents, and keeper of our information booth in Copenhagen Lorenzo Guadagno, has his own personal experience of COP 15 so far. Read his feelings as the face of IUCN in the exhibition hall.

WCPA Booth at IUCN World Conservation Congress, Barcelona 2008 Photo: Djinn Pourkiani

Day one and a half, this place is starting to get busy.
From behind a booth you could almost observe this small city pass by. Sadly you're way too busy to make it a full-time activity. You can't avoid noticing some things, though. Here are today's highlights:-

 A dozen outlook contacts finally have a face.
- Strange as it may seem, you start recognizing faces.
- The guy at the telephone shop looks at me suspiciously. He must think somebody who just asked him for ten sim cards in barely a couple of days must have a bomb hidden in his coat, and it's most probably going to use a phone to detonate it (he just can't decide which number he should use);
- I've spotted 11 people who obviously had absolutely nothing to do;
- There's a modified bike going around for apple distribution;
- The enormous success of promotional bags:"may I take 3, two for my other friends?", "by the way, what's this?".
- The enormous success of promotional bags # 2: a guy carrying around publications a normal human being couldn't read before COP 22 (to be held at the Everest Base Camp due to sea-level rise). "uh, finally something to stuff this stuff in".
And it's only 4 pm.

I'm now getting spiritually ready for my next task. To re-staple 250 position papers. Ah, the beauty of small, serial, repetitive gestures.
Every now and then I get a thrill behind my back. As if something was really going to happen soon, as if we were all in the right place. If not now, when?
Stay tuned.


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