Copenhagen Day 10 - cold days in the snow

Olivier Tyack, coordinator of IUCN's Islands Initiative, joined us in COP15 to support a side event chaired by IUCN on where high level partners made commitments in favour of ecosystem based adaptation.

Olivier Tyack Photo: IUCN

Activity in town: With thousands of civil society reps that have not been able to get in the negotiation centre Copenhagen will definitely be an active city today with marches and protests. But it is also a great opportunity to meet extraordinary people. Today the president of the COP resigned and this will create some effervescence inside the Bella Center. Definitely Copenhagen is a town full of emotions this week.

Nature's solution is being heard: During my stay here, I have been meeting very interesting and enthusiastic people that are gathering forces, but I also sensed a lot of frustration amongst parties, NGOs and UN organizations. I am always surprised and thrilled to see how our rather small delegation in this context is able to gather so much interest and partners both at events and that nature's solutions are being heard from more and more parties. I was very pleased to get this feedback from all over.

IUCN High level side event: My main focus during this week was to support members and partners in the organization of a high level side event with heads of delegations and it is gratifying to see that all the people and hours of work that partners put together gave fantastic results. Great commitments were made towards Ecosystem-based Adaptation and it will be our role to follow up on them.

Tonight I look forward for our Membership event and the elephants in Copenhagen Zoo; Susanna Söderström will give us detailed feedback tomorrow…

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