Contribute to the First Public Comment Period for G4

The first Public Comment Period for G4 (the next generation of Global Reporting Initiative guidelines) is now open. This takes the form of an online survey and will run for 90 days, closing on 24 November 2011. Public comment helps ensure that GRI’s Guidelines are consensus-based and reflect the broadest possible stakeholder input.

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The survey seeks crucial feedback on issues like:

  • the principal reasons for sustainability reporting
  • report formats
  • the minimum content of a GRI sustainability report
  • report topics – including views on the proposals from the public ‘Call for sustainability reporting topics’ in May
  • general experiences with sustainability reporting

To participate, please download and read the survey preview. Familiarize yourself with the questions, and what you want to say. The preview and survey is available in English as well as Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro), Mandarin Chinese (简体中文) , French (Français) and Spanish (Español).

When you are familiar with the survey content, access the survey and have your say.
N.B. The survey is not long, but must be completed in one sitting – it cannot be saved and returned to later.

Comments received will be considered public record and will be published in aggregate form. The names of respondents will be published, but will not be linked to individual comments. Once the Public Comment Period closes, GRI will analyze the feedback, identify broad themes, and share its responses.

You can find out more about the G4 development process here.

For all enquries regarding the G4 Public Comment Period, contact

For more information on the Global Reporting Initiative, please click here.

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