Consultation Workshop on Logical Framework approach of the Nam Lik River Basin Management Plan

The Water Resources Department and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, through the Vientiane Provincial Natural Resources and Department Division

Group discussion at the workshop

 held a one-day consultation workshop in Keo Oudum to discuss the logical framework approach or “log-frames” of the Nam Lik Sub-River Basin Management Plan. The purpose of the meeting was for participants to discuss the best economic, socio-cultural and environmental approaches to the management plans.

In order to maintain the participatory nature of these workshops and promote local ownership of the project, participants of the meeting provided feedback on drafts of the Nam Lik Sub-Basin management plan log-frames. These plans were drafted in Vientiane by a consultant and an expert team.

Representatives from each group presented their discussion results on the present challenges, their causes, and possible future interventions of these problems for the log-frames. Within the groups, participants also discussed the organizations and their bodies that would be responsible for implementing the management plan, budget estimates, and implementation time-frames. Each group participated in a question-and-answer session at the end of their presentations.

In attendance were the Keo Oudom District Governor, Mr Kongkham Inphayalath; the Deputy Head of the Provincial Water Resources Division, Mr Bounhieng Sayaseng; and Head of Administration Division of the Water Resources Division, Mr Phonesay Simmalavong. In total, 25 people drawn from Vientiane capital, government agencies in Vientiane province and districts within the Nam Lik Sub-River basin participated in this workshop.

Overall, given the attendance and high level of participation, the workshop was considered a success. The second consultation meeting is scheduled for November or December this year.

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Banethom Thepsombath
Programme Officer (MEAs), IUCN Lao PDR

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