Conservation storytelling in Sri Lanka

A new children's book offers 10 stories revolving around wildlife and envrionmental issues in Sri Lanka. CEC member Diogo Verissimo wrote the book in partnership with the Sri Lankan NGO Centre for Eco-cultural Studies.

The children's book Ten Friends to Remember promotes learning about wildlife and environmental issues in Sri Lanka.

By Diogo Verissimo, CEC member

Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate concepts and ideas. Through this book we hope to showcase how it can be used to inform about the different environmental issues surrounding wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka. The storybook “Ten friends to remember”contains 10 stories, all illustrated, revolving around the life of a teenage boy and his encounters with different species. Each story features a different Sri Lankan species and relates to a different wildlife conservation issue. We hope this book can be used as environmentally-friendly reading material in English classes given in schools throughout the country.

The book can be accessed and downloaded for free through Google Books or through the website. By making this resource freely available, we hope to raise the interest in its use by other organisations and especially to create the opportunity to translate it to Sinhala or Tamil as to increase its reach.

For more information, contact Diogo Veríssimo,, or visit his website

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