The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests: The Americas

Author(s): Harcourt, Caroline S., ed. ; Sayer, Jeffrey, ed. ; Billington, Clare, ed.
IUCN, Forest Conservation Programme ; Center for International Forestry Research ; WCMC ; British Petroleum
Published: 1996
Series: The conservation atlas of tropical forests, vol. 3
ISBN: 0-13-340886-8
The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests: The Americas: cover

New York; London : Simon & Schuster, 1996. 335p. : ill., maps.

The threats to the forests of tropical America have been the centre of international environmental concern for some time, yet the material in this atlas highlights the continuing extent of scientific uncertainty over the critical issues that will determine the future use and conservation of these forests. Preceded by Asia and the Pacific, 1991; Africa, 1992 (both now out of print), this atlas completes the series. Part I examines the obstacles to protection of tropical forests and outlines a plan to counter problems such as colonization, exploitation of natural resources, and illegal trade in forest species. Part II presents an in-depth study of the forests in each country of the Caribbean, Central and South America.This research is gathered together in detailed colour maps, photos, and concise tables illustrating the development of each area. For students, researchers, and activists, the atlas will prove an invaluable guide through this still largely uncharted territory

Note: Third volume of a series: The conservation atlas of tropical forests, vol. 1: Asia and the Pacific (1991), vol. 2: Africa (1992). Includes bibliographic references

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