Congress from the UK perspective

CEC member Chris Mahon shares news from the IUCN National Committee for the UK, with newsletters about IUCN in Europe and the UK Protected Areas Categories Club.

Newsletter for the UK Protected Areas Categories Club Photo: Chris Mahon

Only weeks after meeting at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea, Members of the IUCN National Committees of Europe along with Regional Councillors for West and East Europe find themselves facing the possible closure of the Regional Office for Europe function in Brussels and the removal of the Regional Director post. Details are still sketchy but the National Committee for the United Kingdom (NCUK) is coordinating a European response to IUCN on these important changes which could potentially weaken IUCN nature conservation activity in the region. For the latest newsletter, which reports on some of the successes of the Congress from the UK perspective, here is the link >>

Also attached is a newsletter about the UK Protected Areas Categories Club, a communications initiative designed to encourage protected area managers to apply the IUCN Protected Area Management Categories to their UK sites. Here is the link >>

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