Community-based networks of Odisha

Community-based forest networks of India and Nepal have been suffering from serious neglect and left at disadvantage due to lack of legal recognition. A brief review of literature on community-based forest networks found that they lack certain attributes that are necessary to be considered as equal partners in the activities aimed at forest conservation and livelihood improvement.

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 In this review a brief on the informal community-based forest networks of Odisha and their status of recognition through Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006 is presented.

It was found that there are many studies conducted on Joint forest Management, community-based forest management, and recently on the impacts of FRA 2006, in Odisha.

However, it was found that there has been very little or no research studies conducted on the impacts of FRA 2006 on community-based forest management networks of Odisha. It is thought that more research studies should be conducted on how FRA 2006 could strengthen community-based forest management networks of Odisha.

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Social Policy
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