'Communicating for climate change' session at Conservation Campus

CEC Chair Juliane Zeidler, with CEC members Justine Braby and Hilma Angula, co-facilitated a session to support IUCN efforts to improve women’s participation in forest-related climate change actions.  

Les femmes transportant du bois

Women are important actors of change and holders of significant knowledge and skills related to climate change resilience. Women and men experience climate change differently, and gender inequalities worsen the coping capacities of women and societies as a whole. There is an urgent need to adopt a gender-sensitive approach towards climate change policy making and programming. The IUCN Gender Advisory Office offered a workshop on gender and climate change during the IUCN World Conservation Congress titled 'The Art of Implementation: Gender and Climate Change." CEC conducted a session on ‘communicating for change’ during the 8 September workshop.

“The IUCN Gender Advisory Office has done some great on-the-ground action. They shared their learning about the links between gender and climate change, including skills and knowledge on gender in REDD+ processes, with the rest of us at Jeju through an informative and thought-provoking workshop,” said Justine Braby, PhD, a CEC member from Namibia who facilitated the CEC session.

The CEC session on communicating for change focused on influencing policy. It was facilitated by CEC Chair Juliane Zeidler with CEC member Hilma Angula. CEC member Justine Braby delivered a brief ‘pecha kuchapresentation highlighted effective communication techniques. Next, the session explored the attitudinal and behavioural shifts necessary to bring about change and increase women’s participation in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The presentation highlighted the importance of knowing you audience, aligning to what is a priorty for them, setting the scene, packaging the information in the right way, and understanding the current attitudes, behaviours and the desired attittides and behaviours.


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