Climate Experts in the Region Together in Cairo

Through IUCNs effort to combat climate change in the region and as part of The Social, Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change (SEARCH) project, a workshop involving climate change experts was conducted in Cairo starting from the 30th of September 2012.

Wageningen University giving the workshop - "How to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes" Photo: Lara Nassar

SEARCH is a three year regional project working in five countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon), funded by the European Union, to develop and pilot a climate change resilience framework for local action planning to increase climate change adaptation through joint learning, planning and testing in 6 demonstration sites.

The SEARCH project demonstrates how local communities can successfully engage with and overcome the negative impacts of climate change. Instead of looking for solutions to specific environmental problems, SEARCH concentrates on giving the local community and other stakeholders the skills and knowledge they need to assess the impact of climate change on a day-to-day basis. It also and foremost helps them develop a realistic vision for the future to assist them in increasing their resilience towards climate change. In Egypt, the project works in Al-Minya & Bani Suef, involving 6 different villages in being part of the process that will shape their climate change adaptation polices later.

The workshop conducted by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) focused on grouping climate change experts in the region to acquire better facilitation skills and experience to effectively guide a complex dialogue between different sectors with not necessarily common agendas. These acquired tools will enhance ownership and accountability of all relevant key stakeholders and end-users for a more interactive planning and management process. The aim of this workshop is therefore, to provide them with the knowledge and skills for designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder and social learning processes.


For more information regarding the projects, kindly contact

Dr Amr Abdel Mageed – CEDARE Country Coordinator for Egypt


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