Climate Change from a Gender Perspective

 The interaction of gender and climate change is at the core of action for sustainability future as well as policies and initiatives for a greener economy in Jordan. IUCN ROWA takes part in the Climate Change from a Gender Perspective Conference in Amman, Jordan in February. 


The conference has encouraged international best practice models to meet local knowledge in a serious of technical conversations to prioritize, engage and advocate a way forward. The role of both men and women are decision makers, negotiators and champions were debated in the common drive for building community resilience to the impact of climate change towards a greener economy. 

IUCN ROWA Gender Expert, Ms Fidaa Haddad has took part in a meeting "Shaping Jordan's Strategic Direction to enhance Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change and Green Economy" aimed at shaping Jordan's strategic direction to enhance gender mainstreaming in climate change and green economy. It also aimed at bringing together key policy contributors from different fields and expertise to shape a concrete and solid policy recommendation document based on the thematic areas, discussions and recommendation of the Climate Change from a Gender Perspective Conference and Technical Conversations Meetings.

Ms Haddad stressed during the conference that Jordan is undergoing transformation in a modern state. Gender imbalance and an uneven socioeconomic development is a common feature of societies in transition. She has also suggested that there is a need to reduce unemployment among youth and women to be able to meet global targets. 


The conference was organized by the USAID TAKAMOL-GENDER PROGRAM that is implemented by IREX, The Ministry of Environment and Arizona State University.“The success of this conference is in bringing together an action plan for institutionalizing efforts to increase gender equity in climate action in Jordan, something that Jordan would pioneer in the Arab region as a whole,” concluded USAID Deputy Mission Director Lewis Tatem.

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