Climate Change and the Law in the Pacific Islands

In March 2008, IUCN Legal Advisor, Pepe Clarke, presented a paper on Climate Change and the Law in the Pacific Islands at the National Environmental Law Association (NELA) annual conference in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Gatokai Island, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

The paper, co-authored with CEL member Ilona Millar, examined the following themes:

•   the impacts of climate change on Pacific islands
•   the role of Pacific island states in international climate change negotiations
•   the development of regional climate change policy and programs in the Pacific
•   the role of law in supporting community level adaptation to climate change.

The conference also provided an opportunity to meet with CEL members, members of the judiciary and the NELA executive to discuss opportunities for collaboration in the Pacific region. NELA is an IUCN member.

About NELA

NELA is a multi-disciplinary organisation serving the needs of practitioners in law, planning, natural resources and environmental management, environmental science and environmental impact assessment, to obtain and exchange information on issues relevant to environmental law and policy.

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