Climate Change and Coral Reef - Environmental Education Component Final Report


img_7157.jpg Photo: Sara El Sayed

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, has contracted Sara El Sayed and Usama El Ghazali to undertake the final component of the Climate Change and Coral Reef Resilience project that deals with the environmental Education section. The objective is to undertake an Environmental Education and Public Awareness Program addressing the impacts of anthropogenic activities (diving impacts, overfishing, pollution, and climate change) on glo bal coral reefs and specifically in Marsa Alam area in Egypt. Furthermore, the sub-objective is to develop and integrate an environmental education program into the curriculum of Marsa Alam schools. The purpose is to ensure that the upcoming generation of youth in the area are empowered about issues in Climate change and coral reefs to be able to make the appropriate decisions and changes to create a better livelihood for themselves and ensure in the conservation of these pristine sites.

  • The project is divided into several sub-components:
  • Map out existing educational material and identify what is useful and what needs enhancement
  • Develop outdoor educational activities that are part of a monitoring program for the Red Sea, that will enhance the educational material developed,
  • Create a simple teacher manual that will guide in working on the outdoor activities and will guide in using the educational material.
  • Create a monitoring plan for some champion students and create a mini-documentary documenting their experience. (20 students)
  • Train students and teachers to deliver activities relating to the monitoring program (20 students – 15 teachers)
  • Deliver a Red Sea monitoring day where trained students and teachers lead other youth on a large scale monitoring process. (200 students)
Work area: 
Coral Reefs
Climate Change
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