Circumpolar Marine Workshop - Report and Recommendations.




On behalf of the Planning Team, organisers of the workshop, we are pleased to present this Report
and Recommendations from the Circumpolar Marine Workshop. This Workshop has been instrumental
in beginning an important dialogue on the conservation and protection of the circumpolar marine
environment and the sustainable use of its resources. It has generated many useful and highly practical
recommendations for action. However, in the Planning Team’s view, it is only a first step in a
much-needed longer-term process.
This leads us to an important question: How should we move ahead with this initiative and what
steps are needed? Early on, the Planning Team was asked to look into this question and on its behalf,
we are pleased to provide the sponsoring organisations with the following suggestions.

 IUCN-WCPA/Arctic Council. April 2000. (2.8MB)

Work area: 
Ocean Governance
Environmental Governance
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