Chiropterology training for Algerian national parks staff

CEC member Mourad Ahmin conducted a two-day training at the Gouraya National Park environmental education centre.


Engineers and vetrinarians from a number of national Parks participated, including Gouraya ,Tlemcen, Theniet El Had, Chrea, Djurdjura, Taza and Belezma, as well as the General Direction of Forests. Mourad AHMIM and Boussad OUBAZIZ provided training at the November 2013 event.

The first day included a theoretical course with a PowerPoint projection on the biology and ecology of bats. Information about the current status of bats in Algeria was provided on the 25 Algerian bat species, with data sheets noting their heritage status at global and regional level according to IUCN RedList and the protection status under Algerian law.

The second day was conducted on the field and was held in two cottages at bat: Aokas cave where 8 species have been reported in previous studies, and Elephants Cave of Melbou. The field study included an introduction to the techniques of peaceful capture and methods of determination.

After this training two important recommendations were made:

There is an urgent need to work more in-depth chiropterological exploration and moretraining of chiropterologists. This is of particular importance because almost all data and knowledge of the Algerian species exceeds 15 years.
The first step will be the location and mapping of the cottages at bats and a second phase of exploration work for the location and numbers of the different species to get an overall idea on the status of bats in Algeria

The second recommendation is to create a federal framework where all actors can express themselves On creating the Algerian Bat Group , this idea was proposed and accepted and will be implmented at different levels.

For more information, please contact Mourad AHMIM

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