China Biodiversity Week 2009

Biodiversity Week 2009: Showcasing nature conservation in china
16th May - 22nd May 2009, Beijing China

China Biodiversity Week 2009 Photo: IUCN China

EU-China Biodiversity Program (ECBP) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) China Countdown 2010, together with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Global Village Beijing, are organising a week long event of biodiversity films and exhibitions to coincide with Biodiversity Day (May 22nd) 2009. The event is being organised to help raise awareness surrounding the current issues facing biodiversity in China.
Documentary films showcasing biodiversity in China, the challenges facing conservation, as well as some of the solutions being implemented to conserve and restore the balance of nature across the country will be shown in a number of locations around Beijing.

WHERE: Daytime film showings will be held at the Beijing Zoo and the Sony ExploraScience Museum during the week. An evening film and speaker night will also be held at Ullens Centre for Contemporary Arts

DOWNLOAD: Download the Brochure for details and schedule of the weeklong event: 



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