Children and Youth International Conference

CEC members are invited to join an educational campaign that brings a political view on environmental issues into education. An international conference June 2010 in Brazil will produce a youth statement presented to the United Nations. From CEC member Andrea Margit.

Let's Take Care of the Planet

The Children and Youth International Conference - Let's Take Care of the Planet
Brazilian Ministry of Education
5 to 10 June 2010
Brasilia, Brazil

More than 1,000 young people from 50 countries are expected to participate in a conference 5 to 10 June in Brasilia, Brazil. Along with learning about participatory processes, the young people will agree on a Charter of Responsibilities that expresses their commitment to buidling sustainable societies. By the time the statement is delivered to a United Nations representative, the number of voices will far exceed actual conference attendees. In addition to  Facebook and Twitter, a series of conferences at schools will greatly increase the participation of young people.

Come and join the Children and Youth International Conference – Let’s Take Care of the Planet!!! It is an interactive process based on participatory democracy which invites children, teenagers, teachers and communities from the whole world to think and debate social-environmental issues. Also, it encourages them to develop their own responsibilities and actions to confront these pressing issues.

Venga a hacer parte de la Conferencia Internacional Infantojuvenil - Cuidemos el Planeta!!! Este es un proceso interactivo fundamentado en la participación democrática que invita a niños, jóvenes, profesores y comunidades del mundo a pensar y debatir las cuestiones socioambientales planetarias, y a que se responsabilicen y comprometan con su enfrentamiento.

Venez faire partie de la Conférence Internationale des Enfants et Adolescents – Prenons soin de la Planète !!! Il s´agit d´un processus interactif fondé sur la participation démocratique invitant les enfants, adolescents, professeurs et communautés du monde à penser et débattre sur des questions socio-environnementales planétaires, et à assumer des responsabilités.

Are you a CEC member interested in joining? Andrea invites you to contact her:

A group of various educators is currently meeting in Brasilia with the aim of selecting suitable methodologies for the Conference. I had the pleasure to take part in this meeting last Friday. I believe that this is a good opportunity to connect both teams at IUCN-CEC and the Brazilian Ministry of Education in order to cooperate in this global event.

Some of the needs are:

  • to attract countries rich in biodiversity, such as Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, among others to participate in the Conference
  • to communicate the Conference among CEC members
  • to contribute with methodological approach that have been tested in previous intl conferences
  • to finance delegations of poor countries to participate in the Conference

There should be many other ways to cooperate.

Andrea Margit
Fundação Roberto Marinho

For more information about the conference, please contact:

Gabriela Michelotti, Communications Officer
Children and Youth International Conference – Let's Take Care of the Planet
phone +55 61 2022 9195
mobile +55 61 9325 6904

South America
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