Changing the water perspective from an Asian angle

IUCN has been making a hard sell to delegates at the World Water Forum in Marseille on the case for investing in natural infrastructure. But what does it mean on the ground?

Fish at market in Asia

Ganesh Pangare is Head of IUCN’s Water Programme in Asia. He believes that by using the concrete examples of our work in the field we are changing hearts and minds and bringing investment in nature to the centre of the water debate.

Tanguar Haor is a unique wetland ecosystem in northeastern Bangladesh that is of both national and global significance. The wetlands were designated a Ramsar site (Wetland of International Importance) in 2000 and declared an Ecologically Critical Area in 1999 after the Government of Bangladesh recognised the ecological importance of the area and the over-exploitation of resources.

Ganesh looks first at the Tanguar Haor.


Ganesh also takes a look at IUCN’s work in China, supplying clean water to the country’s capital of Beijing.


But is business at the World Water Forum getting the message that investing in natural infrastructure is a cheaper alternative to large scale infrastructure projects.


So IUCN has been getting its message across and changing opinion on what we do and how we do it.


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