Change : adaptation of water resources management to climate change

Author(s): Bergkamp, Ger ; Orlando, Brett ; Burton, Ian; IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative
Published: 2003
Series: WANI Toolkit
ISBN: 2-8317-0702-1
Change - WANI Toolkit

Gland : IUCN, 2003. ix, 53p. : ill., maps.
Order number: 1203

Climate change is here and will be with us for the long term. The challenge facing water professionals is how to make decisions in the face of this new uncertainty. This book outlines a new management approach that moves beyond technical quick fixes towards a more adaptive style that is inclusive and innovative. Only by thinking, working and learning together can we tackle the impacts on water resources and uncertainties induced by climate change.

Note: Includes bibliographic references. Separate language editions

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