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 By: Catie Burlando, Elaine Hsiao, Daniela Barguil Gallardo and Md. Biozid Jessorey 

CEESP Youth Network members are actively involved in the preparation of World Conservation Congress events in Jeju. In April we submitted a successful proposal to the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC) thanks to the collaboration of Peggy Smith from Lakehead University and vice-Chair of CEESP North America and Caribbean Region (project coordinator) and the Canadian Committee for the IUCN. The proposal will cover a part of the costs associated with travel for 6 young professionals, including a member of the fishing community of Tárcoles in Costa Rica. 

CEESP members are participating in Task Force activities leading to Congress through five Working Groups. The Working Groups are leading the organization of the  “Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability: Toward an IUCN-wide Action Plan” workshop, Commission-specific Action Plans, Visibility and Networking for Young Professionals at Congress, Young Councilor Campaign Team, and Building Bridges between Rio+20 and the Congress. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved!

We also look forward to hearing from you! Please take a few minutes to let us know how CEESP Youth Network should contribute to CEESP’s mandate for 2013-2016, and how you would like to be involved. Please fill in a short survey here. Results will be shared at Congress and discussions will continue at the Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership workshop, which will be held on 11 September at 11:00-13:00 (#746).

Finally, we wish to congratulate Ivan Onatra from Colombia for winning the Task Force logo competition! The logo will be unveiled at Jeju on 09 September 2012 between 16:30-17:00 at the Just World Pavilion.

The following is a short review of CEESP Youth Events, while all Youth and IPS events are listed here:

Strengthening the voices of young people in marine conservation and supporting the development of local leadership in artisanal fishing communities


CoopeSoliDar R.L. together with CEESP Mesoamerica and CEESP Youth have organized a knowledge cafe that will be held on the 10 Sep 2012 between 11:00 – 13:00 in Room 102 (#0272) in Spanish. The knowledge cafe will bring young voices from coastal local communities from Central America and Mexico to participate in this important international Congress. The event will be a Knowledge Café, called “Marine Governance: Reflections on conservation, sea Access rights and social and cultural resilience. The local young leaders will share their experiences, and open up the floor for discussion and debate on the subject of Marine Conservation, Governance and Coastal Community Participation, but will also discuss youth challenges in this context and will bring important messages that rescue essential elements to advance in marine conservation that promotes equity and youth inclusion. The organization of this Knowledge Café has involved a long process of youth involvement in other activities, and their preparation for their participation as main actors in the Knowledge Café and in other sessions at the WCC.

"Youth at Congress: Strengthening Community Voices Toward Just Conservation"

Melanie Zurba and Elaine Hsiao are working with Kenneth MacDonald (co-chair of the Theme on Culture and Conservation) to coordinate a youth event at the Just World Pavilion on 09 September 2012 between 14:30-16:30 (#1100). Bruno Monteferri (CEL), Tushar Dash (CEESP), and Elaine (CEESP, WCPA) will raise relevant law/policy issues for discussion--including how law/policy can support communities for more just conservation--as well as the challenges and obstacles presented within law/policy, and examples from their own work (e.g., the Forest Rights Act in India). Omer Aijazi will also share his experiences with humanitarian aid interventions and community emancipation in Pakistan. Melanie is creating a short booklet showcasing experiences of CEESP youth in strengthening community voices toward just conservation.

Young people’s role in forests

Eduardo Arenas Hernandez will also be part of the  “Young people’s role in forests” event on 09 September 2012 between 14:30-16:30 (#0676).  The Knowledge Cafe will talk about how youth can augment their skills, experiences and knowledge to reach goals of sustainable futures.  It will share lessons learned and mechanisms that have worked to raise awareness about youth in natural resource governance.  By identifying these elements, the Knowledge Cafe will seek to develop appropriate regional strategies, all linked to a global vision.

Omer and Elaine are conducting expert interviews at the Congress for a policy paper on: "Prioritizing Community Based Natural Resources Management for Social and Ecological Resilience," which accompanies a motion under the same title.
Elaine has also submitted a motion on "Establishing a Forum for Transboundary Protected Area Managers," which is aimed at developing a regular meeting event like the International Federation of Rangers, but specifically for stewards of transboundary protected areas.

Caroline Seagle, a member of CEESP's Young Professionals Network, is running for the position of IUCN North American and Caribbean Regional Councilor with support from the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability. Learn about her on the IUCN Congress website and leave a comment, or read an extended bio on our Wikispace. If you want to join Carolline's Campaign Team, please write her at: caroline.seagle@gmail.com.

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