CEESP Youth Network and the Task Force on Interngenerational Partnership for Sustainability: Beginning a new programme for 2013-2016

Using the 2012 World Conservation Congress and the resulting Action Plan on Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership (available here) as a spring board for the implementation of the new IUCN programme, young CEESP members are active leaders within the Commission, collaborating across Commissions, and leading Working Groups within the Task Force on Inter generational Partnership for Sustainability (Task Force or IPS).


In preparation for the World Parks Congress, CEESP/WCPA Youth/Young Professionals members Elaine Hsiao and Sudeep Jana (also intergenerational partnership advisors for WCPA) and Rebecca Koss (CEESP/WCPA/IPS) collaboratively drafted and submitted a proposal for  “Stream 8. Inspiring a new generation.” The International Steering Committee for the  World Parks Congress 2014 decided that Parks Canada, working with the WCPA Young Professionals Specialist Group and the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication should be invited to lead this stream and involve the IUCN Intergenerational Task Force on Sustainability and other relevant organisations.” In the coming months the CEESP Youth Network will also contribute to the development of this stream, amongst others.
At the WCPA Steering Committee in Montenegro (April 2013), there were a number of conversations about legacy outcomes of the World Parks Congress 2014, one of which will be the New Social Compact, which is also a cross-cutting theme throughout the Congress, and will be led by CEESP.  The New Social Compact is based on an idea that came out of Germany a few years ago in response to public disillusionment about national politics.  Various social movements felt that power had to be restructured in order to allow broader participation by non-State actors in decisionmaking and that this could be achieved through an alliance between movements.   CEESP Youth/WCPA Young Professionals delegate Elaine Hsiao reminded the WCPA Steering Committee that the 2003 World Parks Congress had committed to sharing power and recognizing all forms of governance in protected areas and that the 2014 World Parks Congress should not be another reiteration of previous commitments, but should be about living or demonstrating the New Social Compact.  This was supported by TILCEPA's Chair, Nigel Crawhall, who urged that indigenous peoples and other area-based traditional owners and custodians should be seen as allies in the New Social Compact and efforts to engage New Social Compact allies must begin early on.  CEESP Youth, WCPA Young Professionals and IPS Task Force Members will all be partnering supporting CEESP in making the New Social Compact a key legacy outcome of the 2014 World Parks Congress.
Since the 2012 World Conservation Congress (Jeju), Daniela Barguil (CEESP) has actively participated as a CoopeSoliDar R.L. associate to support young fishworkers from Central America and their participation in important spaces of discussion.  CoopeSoliDar R.L. with the support of CEESP Youth has been working on an important follow-up from the WCC and previous processes to continue strengthening young fisherfolk’s participation.  A meeting held in Honduras in February 2013 was part of this significant journey for the continuation of young Fishworkers participation and leadership. Here they had an opportunity to discuss across generations, strengthen their networks to influence policy, and improve access to information about international trends, instruments and rights in small scale fisheries, commercialization and markets (see the full article in this issue).
A major project of the Task Force is to run the iAct Dialogues for Sustainability, an intergenerational series of global webinars on key sustainability, systems, and leadership topics. Dominic Stucker (CEC/CEESP) has developed the project through Sustainability Leaders Network and is working closely with Nora Mahmoud of Earth Charter International, the iAct Working Group and the IPS Working Group to implement it. In May, the iAct Dialogues was named a "Jury Finalist" in the Solutions for Planetary Sustainability competition organized by Sustainable Silicon Valley and secured second place out of 108 entries in crowd-sourced voting. Thanks to the financial contribution of the Sibthorp Trust, the first webinar is being planned for late June with a focus on learning with nature for resilience. To learn more and/or sponsor a webinar contact Dominic: dominic.stucker@gmail.com  The Task Force is still seeking financial support to complete the series of webinars, including one or more sessions at the 2014 World Parks Congress and would like to request any advice or suggestions on that matter. 
Through the Resource Mobilization Working Group, Shalini Dhyani (CEESP) is coordinating action to establish  the Intergenerational Fund (from Resolution 5.008), which will ensure participation of more youth in the upcoming World Park Congress in Sydney, 2014, secure funding for awards such as the IUCN Young Champion’s Award as well as contribute to on-the-ground IPS related projects. As part of the IPS Capacity Building Working Group, Kennedy Mbeva is coordinating action to increase youth participation and intergenerational partnerships across the IUCN and beyond through the development of an internship program at IUCN, the creation of a Sustainability Corps and a program for seniors to intern at youth-led NGOs.  As part of the Communication, Education and Public Awareness Working Group (CEPA), co-Conveners Tushita Mukherjee and Jean Paul Brice Affana are defining the criteria for the IUCN Young Champions Award and developing strategies for improving communication platforms between IUCN members and IUCN. Finally, Task Force co-conveners Grace Mwaura, Eduardo Jr. Arenas Hernandez, Melanie Zurba, Rebecca Koss and Catie Burlando are coordinating the Task Force and continue to lobby for youth representation on Commission Steering Committees and on the IUCN Council.
For the World Wilderness Congress in October 2013, TILCEPA's Mountain Connectivity and Social Policy Specialist Group are organizing a panel on Mountain Trails and a side-event for regional mountain trails experts as part of an initiative to develop a Walking & Working Mountain Trails Network.  CEESP Youth advisor, Catie Burlando, and TILCEPA Mountains Co-Vice Chair, Elaine Hsiao, will be presenting on European Mountain Trails and Mountain Trails as Biocultural Corridors for Peace, respectively.  CEESP Youth Chair, Catie Burlando, and WCPA Young Professionals Co-Vice Chair, Elaine Hsiao, will also be meeting with other Youth/Young Professionals members and the WILD Coalition (the youth group for the Wild Foundation and World Wilderness Congress) in partnership and preparation for building broader youth alliances for the World Parks Congress and beyond.

  • If you would like to be involved in the CEESP Youth Network or in the Task Force, please contact Catie Burlando (catie@culturallandscapes.ca).
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