CEESP Youth Network: An agenda for action

The CEESP Youth Network envisions an intergenerational community of leaders who learn and work together within and through IUCN, for a just, sustainable and peaceful world. The goals of the CEESP Youth Network for the next four years are to: 1) recognize and support emerging leaders in the structures, policies and activities of CEESP; 2) promote the involvement of youth in the development of CEESP's four prioritiy areas for 2013-2016; and 3) foster cross-commission collaboration and participation.

youth.jpg Photo: ATP Mead, CEESP Meeting, Jeju 2012

Specifically, CEESP Youth members will:

  • Engage with CEESP co-chairs in the definitions of the Human Dependency on Nature framework (HDN) together with the Theme on Sustainable Livelihoods and the Theme on Culture and Conservation;
  • Contribute to discussion on the Natural Resources Governance Framework by contributing experiences from spaces of extreme social disruption;
  • Collaborate with TEMTI and Sustainability Leaders Network in the development of innovative communication and dissemination tools such as webinars to bring together CEESP's work;
  • Continue to create policy spaces for youth and intergenerational partnership voices in areas such as marine, mountain and forests within a new conservation ethic framework.
  • Actively engage in the preparation of the World Parks Congress in 2014.

In this regard, Elaine Hsiao, Sudeep Jana and Rebecca Koss, on behalf of the WCPA Young professionals, have developed a Youth and Intergenerational Partnerships Stream for the World Parks Congress: “New Generations”: Inspiring and Inspired by New Generations, Youth and Intergenerational Actions. If accepted, or merged with other streams, WCPA Young professionals will lead preparations in close cooperation with the CEESP Youth Leadership Team and the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnerships.

The stream proposed seeks to engage, inspire, and be inspired by a new generation of young people through engaging all generations, actions and collaborations with diverse stakeholders and constituencies, to advance a new generation of conservation. It captures a series of initiatives and actions that have already begun and highlights the fruits of these new generations at the 2014 WPC, then strives towards the continuity of a legacy of youth and intergenerational solidarity well into the future. Specifically, the stream seeks to:

  • Amplify protected areas relevant work and stories of young people and intergenerational initiatives engaging youth
  • Promote intergenerational partnerships and co-learning to collaborate and share knowledge, experiences and perspectives
  • Facilitate and convene intergenerational, intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogues addressing salient conservation issues to invigorate new ideas and identify new opportunities
  • Enable connection and solidarities among young people and with senior generations under a shared vision that contributes conservation of biodiversity and human well-being
  • Enable diverse representation and participation of young people to build capacities to set the stage for new and dynamic PA and conservation leaders

For more information on our current activities and dedicated Working Groups, please visit the Intergenerational Partnerships website at: http://intergenerationalpartnership.wikispaces.com/Working+Groups


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