CEESP at the World Conservation Congress

For those members who are attending the World Conference Congress in Jeju next month, we have established a special webpage to share the latest updates on the WCC and to highlight information of particular interest to CEESP.

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Key dates for CEESP include:

Commission Meeting for all CEESP Members – September 6th

Thursday 6 September, 08h30 - 13h00, Room 201

All CEESP members are invited to participate in the Members meeting, taking place in the Jeju International Convention Centre on Thursday 6th September. This is an opportunity to meet and network with fellow CEESP members face to face. It is a time to hear about progress and celebrate achievements, to identify gaps and work to be done and consider how CEESP and individual members can contribute to the way forward in the next four years.

The meeting will finish by 13h00 but the Room 201 will be available until 15h30 for CEESP members to network and have informal side-meetings.

If you intend to participate in the CEESP Members meeting please ensure you updte your registration details to include your name as written on your passport. This was not asked of you at the time of registration . It is a new requirement so please update your details or you will not be able to get access to the WCC venue on September 6th.  Non-members may only attend the meeting as Observers and only if there is enough capacity in the room.

The Agenda for the Members meeting will be made available here shortly.

Four Official CEESP workshops

Here are the details for the four official CEESP workshops . These workshops were selected as ‘official’ on the basis that each one promotes and advances the four new Commission wide priorities identified in the draft CEESP Mandate for 2013-2016.



Focal Point

Time & Venue


Economic policies and sustainability at a time of crisis

Alejandro Nadal

09 Sept: 11h00-13h00, Halla A


Wiser discussion about ethical and responsible engagement with the private sector to promote change

Richard Cellarius

09 Sept: 14h30-16h30,  Yeongju A


Whakatane Mechanism: A multi-stakeholder approach to solving human rights issues in protected areas?

Emmanuel Freudenthal

10 Sept: 19h00-21h00, Room 202


Promoting a new conservation ethic based on respect for indigenous peoples

Peggy Smith

11 Sept: 11h00-13h00, Community Ma-eul

Other Workshops CEESP members are involved in:
As well as the four CEESP workshops there are many other workshops that CEESP members are involved in.  Based on the information you have provided us, here is a list of other CEESP related- workshops. The Youth Network have developed a significant programme during the WCC. Their Report follows this article.

Presentaton of CEESP Report & Mandate to the Members Assembly - 12 September
On 12 September, the Report of CEESP 2009-2012 will be presented to the Members Assembly.  Later in the same session the draft CEESP mandate for 2013-2016 will be discussed and adopted 

CEESP will have a Booth along with other Commissions and other exhibitors in the building adjacent to the Conference Centre. It is a small space, but it is your space to be used to display any posters, brochures you might be brining with you. It is also available for small meetings (3-4 people).  A schedule will be displayed at the Booth for you to register booking times, or if you wish to book times now, contact: ceesp@iucn.org

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