CEESP TGER Chair and South America Regional Chair meet at the Potato Festival in Lima, Peru

Dr. Janis Alcorn (CEESP TGER) visited Pierina Benites Alfaro,  the CEESP Vice Chair for Latin America, at the IVth Festival of the Potato, in the Parque de la Exposicion, in Lima Peru on 1 June 2013.  Pierina managed the exhibit of certified seeds from the FAO Andean Potato Seed project, for which she is a consultant. 

ceespnewsletter_pierina_and_janis_potatofairlima2013.jpg Photo: Janis Alcorn

The exhibit enabled the projects partners --  64 organizations of Andean potato growers in the Ayacucho, Huánuco and Puno regions -- to send representatives and potatoes to the event in order to establish market links with buyers in Lima who value and will pay a higher price for organically-produced, diverse, traditional varieties of potatoes. 

Peru is the center of origin of potatoes so this project attempts to use market incentives to preserve potato agrobiodiversity in situ.  Janis and Pierina took this opportunity to exchange information about activities in CEESP.

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