CEESP Steering Commitee Meeting

The CEESP Steering Committee met in Bangkok , Thailand November 27th and 28th 2009 immediately following the 73rd IUCN Council meeting. Eighteen Theme Co-Chairs, Regional Vice Chairs and CEESP Officers attended the meeting together with Secretariat and IUCN-ROSA staff. The objectives of the meeting were:

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  • To convene the CEESP Steering Committee for the Quadrennial Period 2009-2012 and develop a shared vision and coordinated approach between CEESP Themes
  • To review, complete and reach consensus on the 4 year work plan of each CEESP Theme
  • To identify basic activities necessary to implement the CEESP Strategic Plan, including at least one project for 2009-2010 that contributes to a whole of CEESP commitment to climate change resilience.
  • To offer advice on TILCEPA's priorities, ways of working and strategic options
  • To review and address key issues including membership, partnership arrangements, business planning, knowledge networking, communication and publications.

A copy of the CEESP SC Agenda can be found here: (CEESP SC Meeting Agenda, November 2009) . The draft Minutes are currently being circulated for comments and will be hosted on the CEESP website in due course.

The Chair presented a Report on the highlights and issues of her first year in office. A copy of the Chair's Report can be read here As at 1 November 2009 there were 927 members of CEESP from 63 countries. A full discussion was held on ways to create better linkages between the CEESP work plan and the IUCN Global programme. The seven Themes of CEESP provided brief reports on their projected work plans for 2010 – 2012, and discussions focused on the role of Regional Vice-Chairs and how to strengthen CEESP regional networks. A full financial report of the 2009 accounts was also presented. Much attention was devoted to the use of membership of CEESP and how to simplify the membership application process

Three sub-committees were established:

  • CEESP Organisational Review – to review the composition of the Executive & Steering Committees, and delineation of work across the seven Themes of CEESP, and to submit recommendations to the November 2010 Executive Committee.
    • Members: Aroha Mead, Lea Scherl, Richard Cellarius, Alejandro Nadal, Clive Wick
  • CEESP Conference Steering Committee – to oversee the organization of the January 2011 CEESP Conference, “Sharing Power: A New Development Paradigm, Whakante, NZ.
    • Members: Aroha Mead, Michel Pimbert, Richard Cellarius, Ali Darwish, Arzu Deuba, Grazia Borrini Feyerabend, Masego Madzmasume, Taghi Fava
  • CEESP Budget Allocation – to review proposals from Themes and Regions for CEESP core funding
    • Members: Chair, Deputy Chair, Financial Officer, Executive Officer, 1 Regional VC, 1 Theme Co-Chair


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