CEESP Executive Committee Meeting, New Delhi India 2011

CEESP Executive Committee Meeting - 3-day meeting of the CEESP Executive Committee was held in New Delhi, India 9-11 November 2011.

CEESP Executive - New Delhi, India 2011 Photo: CEESP

There were three key outcomes expected of the meeting:

  1. Identification of key priorities and approaches for the CEESP component programme and mandate for 2013-2016, and agreement on the process to complete these two documents for submission to Council by end January 2012;
  2. Key elements of an Operational and Development Plan for the Commission 2013-2016, and agreement on how to complete a first draft living document;
  3. Agreement on how CEESP will use the World Conservation Congress as well as other activities in 2012 to position itself strategically for delivering the 2013-2016 programme (including with regard to Forum events and motions)

The meeting was very successful. Four specific priorities were established for CEESP and the work of all CEESP Themes, Specialist Groups and Regions will contribute towards implementation of these priorities in the 2013-2016 work programme. This is a different approach from the way CEESP currently operates. The Barcelona mandate for CEESP focussed on the specific aspirations/activities of each of the Themes and Specialist Groups of CEESP without really exploring how each part of CEESP works together towards common goals. The new approach is deisgned to make CEESP's programme more cohesive and transparent.

Work area: 
Social Policy
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