CEC Newsletter July 2012

46 stories about awards, reflections on Rio+20, strategic communication, learning for sustainability and recent books, workshops and meetings by  CEC members worldwide

Children attend a mangrove biodiversity awareness event at a remote coastal village school in Palk Bay, India. Photo: OMCAR Foundation

Dear CEC members,

True change can only come when you invest in strategic communication, education and capacity development, and managing knowledge so that it is freely available to all. It was heartening to hear communication and education discussed so widely at Rio+20. This was a bright spot in an event lacking the enthusiasm and results of its predecessors Rio 1992 and Johannesburg 2002. As a participant in all three conferences, I craved more leadership and vision.

In contrast, CEC members at Rio+20 continued to deliver. Pam Puntenny kept us up-to-date on activities and negotiations. At the People’s Congress, Ricardo Carvalho broadcast with his Brazilian TV crew about the country’s hopes for sustainability and its impressive grassroots commitment. Suzana Padua organized a CEC dinner in Ipanema where we remembered past accomplishments and looked at the challenges and opportunities ahead, especially in biodiversity communication. There were many CEC members in attendance at Rio+20. It was evident that we are all pro-actively pursuing the promise of change so inspirational in 1992 and so vitally important today.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

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