CEC National Activators as of March 2010

CEC has selected National Activators in several more regions: Eastern and Southern Africa, North Africa, Europe, South and South East Asia. Here is the complete list as of March 2010, including all CEC members who have accepted this volunteer position. Welcome!

Ginkgo biloba Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kewgardens/1803795329/

CEC National Activators enhance Commission impact in their countries and regions. As national focal points, they work closely with the CEC Regional Vice-Chair. This position is a new element in our global governance structure.

Commission members are invited to contact the CEC National Activator in their country. Members are also invited to contact the CEC Regional Vice-Chair in their region.

Eastern and Southern Africa
Botswana – Tracy Molefits, molefits@yahoo.co.uk
Uganda – Deborah Baranga, dbaranga@zoology.mak.ac.ug

North Africa
Egypt - Manal Fawzy, dm_fawzy@yahoo.com

Finland - Liisa Nikula, liisa.nikula@metsa.fi
France – Cécile Ostria, c.ostria@fnh.org
Spain – Susana Calvo, scalvo@oapn.es

South and South East Asia
Bhutan - Phuntsho Yonten, pyonten@rspnbhutan.org
India – Janakaraj Murali, J.Murali@teri.res.in
Malaysia - Gary Lim Khaeril , edu3_services@yahoo.co.uk
Nepal – Mangal Man Shakya, mangal@citesnepal.org
Sri Lanka - Mr. Dharman Wickremaratne, ejournalists@sltnet.lk
Vietnam – Dinh Thi Minh Thu, thudinh09@gmail.com

The following National Activators were announced previously.

South America
Argentina — Marta Andelman, mandelman@fibertel.com.ar
Bolivia  — Mery Ruth Mariaca, mmariaca@conservation.org
Brazil  — Suzana Padua, suzana@ipe.org.br
Chile  — Gabriela Omegna, gomegna@conaf.cl
Colombia  — Olga Bermudez, olgaber@gmail.com
Ecuador  — Cecilia Amaluisa, cecilia.amaluisa@ceppecuador.org
Perú  — M. Sofia Brutton, sofiabrutton@hotmail.com
Uruguay  — Hernán Sorhuet, hazparne@adinet.com.uy
Venezuela  — Alejandro Alvarez, alvareziragorry@gmail.com

Meso America
Costa Rica  — Alicia Jiménez, ajimenez@earthcharter.org
Cuba  — Martha Roque Molina, marthar@ama.cu
Dominican Republic  — Faustina Varela, faustinavarela@hotmail.com
Mexico  — Maria Guadalupe Garibay, ggaribay@cucba.udg.mx
Nicaragua  — Maria Teresa Mariscal, mariscalteresa@yahoo.es

North America
Canada  — Monique Trudel, monique108@sympatico.ca
USA  — Brian Day, brian@naaee.org

West and Central Africa
Benin  — Joséa Dossou-Bodjrenou, ntongmu@yahoo.com
Cameroon — Jonas Kemajou Syapze, oped_cam@yahoo.fr
Democratic Republic of Congo — Naum Butoto, ugeafi@yahoo.fr
Gambia  — Abdou Khadire Diop, abdoukhadire@yahoo.fr
Ghana  — Ken Kinney, kkinney@thdevin.org
Guinea  — Selly Camara, camaraselly@gmail.com
Guinea-Bissau  — Nicolau Mendes, uicn@sol.gtelecom.gw
Mali  — Alassane Ballo, ballowalia@yahoo.fr
Senegal  — Abdou Khadire Diop, abdoukhadire@yahoo.fr
Sierra Leone  — Joseph Rahall, jorahall@yahoo.com
Togo  — Tsivanyo Mensah Todzro, adt-togo@cafe.tg

East Asia
Japan  — Brendan Barrett, barrett@hq.unu.edu

As national focal points, CEC National Activators will work closely with the CEC Regional Vice-Chairs. As volunteer members of CEC, they will lead, innovate and collaborate in the three broadly defined areas in our mandate:

  • Facilitating the co-creation of sustainable solutions;
  • Creating strategic communication platforms;
  • Leveraging new learning for professional development.

National Activators will contribute to CEC commitments to delivering results to the IUCN 2009-2012 programme of work. They also will promote longstanding CEC commitments to advancing the international Conventions through Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA); developing the World Conservation Learning Network (WCLN); and supporting the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD).

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