CEC members meeting and awards ceremony

More than 70 CEC members attended a Commission meeting 6 September before the opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea.

The Brandwein Medal Award was presented by IUCN CEC to Wendy Goldstein for her long-time dedication to Environmental Education.

By Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja, IUCN CEC Membership Liaison Officer

The CEC Members Meeting was a great opportunity for more than 70 CEC members to meet in Jeju before the start of the Congress. Objectives of the meeting were to celebrate results of the CEC work during 2008-2012; to explain CEC priorities for the next period 2013-2016; to share information about CEC activities during Congress and to honour contributions through CEC awards. At the end of the meeting, CEC Specialty Group Leader Gillian Martin Mehers facilitated a Market Place that provided a space for CEC members to share and discuss topics of interest.

This was also an opportunity for CEC members to meet the two candidates for CEC Chair, Nancy Colleton and Juliane Zeidler and to ask them questions.

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair 2008-2012, opened the meeting and welcomed IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre, who emphasized the value of an organization like IUCN and its new programme for 2013-2016.

Keith shared with CEC members the report he would give on 12 September to the IUCN Congress which relates to the follow-up campaign of “Love. Not Loss.” titled “How to Tell a Love Story”.

CEC awards were presented during the meeting and, more officially, at the special Congress Award Ceremony (Members’ Assembly, 5th sitting) on 11 September:

  • The International Brandwein Medal

The Brandwein Medal, established in 2006, is bestowed upon individuals and/or organizations whose focus is in keeping with Paul and Mary Brandwein’s commitment to education, life-long learning, nature, and community. This international award is given every four years in partnership with IUCN CEC. The Brandwein Medal Award was presented to Wendy Goldstein for her long-time dedication to Environmental Education.

  • The CEC Chair's Award

The award at the discretion of the Chair recognizes a CEC member for leadership in realizing the vision of the Commission. The CEC Chair Award was presented to Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja for her commitment and support to CEC during the last 20 years.

  • IUCN CEC Chair’s Youth Award

This award is part of CEC’s commitment to supporting and showcasing the outstanding work being undertaken by youth and young professionals around the world. The award was presented to Dr. Vedharajan Balaji of India  for his outstanding work to restore coastal environments and raise awareness amongst local communities and children of the importance of coastal ecosystem. CEC Chair Keith Wheeler called CEC members Dominic Stucker and Grace Mwaura to present the award.

  • IUCN CEC award for publications in Spanish on climate change

A fourth CEC award was presented 7 September in the Just World Pavillion to a Bolivian NGO, Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN). The award is for the best material in Spanish on environmental education about climate change adaptation. More information on this award here >>


 For more information, please contact Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja at Cecilia.nizzola@iucn.org  

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