CEC members in high-level communications event

Two CEC members will join the IUCN Director General in a high-level communications event on 11 September in Room 401 at the World Conservation Congress.

John Francis, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-chair

The IUCN Dragons’ Den is an event based loosely on the international hit TV show from the BBC of the same name. On stage there will be three Dragons:

  1. Javed Jabbar, IUCN Vice-President and CEC Regional Vice-Chair West Asia and the Middle East;
  2. John Francis, National Geographic Society Vice President for Research, Conservation and Exploration, and CEC Regional Vice-Chair North America and the Caribbean;  
  3. Fiona Harvey, The Guardian, environment correspondent.

The moderator will be Mattias Klum, IUCN Goodwill Ambassador, TV presenter and explorer.

IUCN programmes, members and commissions will be invited to make a five-minute presentation about a communications project designed to interest the general public through the media. The Dragons will review each project in terms of its appeal to the general public and the traction it would have with mainstream media. This is done in a frank, no holds barred fashion by the panel. The audience will then throw in questions and comments. At the end, the panel and the audience will separately vote on two winners, with both awards presented by Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General.

The event will take place 11 September in Room 401 of the International Conference Center, Jeju, Korea.

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