CEC features a modern visual identity for the future

Did you notice that the IUCN CEC has a new logo?  The long journey to our new inspiring look started in October 2013, when CEC Chair, Juliane Zeidler had invited members and affiliates to design a new logo expressing a love for nature, positive change and people-to-people networking.  We are excited and pleased to announce that we have winner.

Commission on Education and Communication Photo: CEC

The IUCN CEC logo is the most visually recognizable element of the Commission’s brand. The logo is text based and has a clean look and feel.

The new logo uses warm colours, which embody the energy, warmth and dynamic process that is forever present in the fields of education and communication. These are all important characteristic and elements of IUCN CEC’s work.

As a “daughter” of the IUCN identity, our logo must always appear with the IUCN logo to show the strong relationship between CEC and IUCN. We used blue to write out “CEC” in full, which represents something quiet and stable, and expresses confidence and constancy.

There are three versions of the logo to cover our language requirements – English, French and Spanish. Please read the IUCN guidelines about who can use the commission logo here.

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