CEC in Europe: Autumn Update

Katalin Czippán, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe, invites CEC members to contact her for an invitation to the World Science Forum in November. She also reports on the first meeting of the UNECE Expert Group on Competences in Education for Sustainable Development, attended by five CEC members . 

Katalin Czippan of Hungary is IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe Photo: CEC

Katalin Czippán of Hungary is co-organizer of an invitation-only session at the World Science Forum. CEC members interested in attending are asked to contact Katalin directly to obtain an invitation at czippank@vnet.hu.

The World Science Forum session on “Science and ecosystem services – Sustainability for Nature” will be held 5 November 2009 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. The session aims to engage the scientific community in reaching out to explain to citizens and decision-makers the importance of ecosystem services; encourage new research on the connection between ecosystems and adaptation to and mitigation of climate change; identify the key messages of science for decision making.

Co-chairs of the Session:
Julia MARTON-LEFÈVRE, IUCN Director-General,
István LÁNG, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of the Brundtland Commission

Co-coordinators and rapporteurs of the Session:
Katalin Czippán, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe
Tibor Faragó, State Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Water, Hungary

Keynote speaker:
Brendan MACKEY, Member of the IUCN Council and Director, Australian National University, Wild Country Research and Policy Hub

Other CEC news from the region

Katalin attended a workshop in Sweden in September to discuss how to incorporate the goals the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's strategy on Education for Sustainable Development into the work of the European Union. Two CEC members were featured as speakers at the event: Hans van Ginkel and Chuck Hopkins. 

Following this event was the first meeting of the UNECE Expert Group on Competences in Education for Sustainable Development. CEC was represented by Katalin as well as Daniela TilburyRoel van Raij, Willy Sleurs and Paul Vare. The Expert group's task is to discuss and set a list of necessary teacher competencies for turning/channelling/facilitating the learning processes towards sustainability. Parallel to this development process they are working on forming messages for policymakers to support the reorientation of teacher education and practices.

In addition, Katalin discussed with Roele van Raij on inviting a Dutch national activator and organising a European CEC workshop next spring. She also spoke with Daniela Tilbury about a potential education event regarding the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

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